Reebok Women’s Site goes live!

We just launched the Reebok’s Women’s site. You can see it at

The creative for the microsite and video editing was done by a group in Boston called Carat, while the original backend infrastructure was put together by a company called Molecular.

We built the entire site from scratch in about four weeks and nearly killed ourselves in the process. The back-end was written in .NET and the front end was old school Flash 8, with ActionScript 2.

One of my roles in the project was to write the Products page,

I had to write a product carousel from scratch ( and rewrite it twice due to mismanagement, but shhhhh… ). It gave me an opportunity to explore Flash 8 and a pure movie clip based development model. I feel in love with Tweener. It allowed me to quickly add transitions and chain them without having to do much of the math.

I also had to build in an entire localization process ( 13 languages, 18 countries ). We used XLIFF and the Locale class. But also ran into a lot of problems encoding fonts and handling Font embeddings ( the Reebok font does not support Asian characters, so we had to build separate SWF files to handle Chinese, Japanese and Korean ).

Finally, I built an infrastructure to handle navigation. It defitively gives me a better appreciation for the BrowserManager in Flex. I learned about all the pitfalls with the loadMovie, loadClip functionality within Flash. The navigation was done with SWFAddress.

At the end of the day, it was a neat little project. I wish we had more time to write it instead of being rushed into a death march project schedule ( 4 weeks + 2 weeks UAT = lots and lots of 80 hour weeks and neglected family and friends ). Fortunately, I was kept company by the video of the girl in the pink top ( ) …


2 thoughts on “Reebok Women’s Site goes live!

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  2. psycoticsinginchick

    It looks like a great idea that needed more time to be a great thing. The dancing has almost nothing to do with the shoes, they’re not even really using their feet to dance.

    That’s like saying “buy me, I look cool, but I can’t actually support your feet.”

    Nice colors and graphics though.


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