Cappuccino and Grails

Cappuccino is a new web development framework that uses Objective-J. This means that Objective-C programmers can now write one application and have this same application be available to the MacOS, as a RIA and to an iPhone with little or no tweaking. You can download it at

Sounds really amazing to me. It seems like Apple is having a powerplay not getting Flash player out into iPhones. I don’t care about the politics of this, I just want to be able to look at the same content that I have created in my apps with my touch.

What we really need, then, is just a Groovy to Objective-C translator at the view level in Grails. If you think about it, the power of Grails lies within the plugin mechanism. In the same way that GSPs are a translation of the Grails Domain Classes, we should aim for a Domain Class -> Objective-C plugin. This would be no different than the RichUI, Flex or OpenLaszlo plugins, except that there would be an extra release and delivery and step.

I’m very excited about this. Cappuccino looks awesome and I can’t wait to start playing with it.

3 thoughts on “Cappuccino and Grails

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  2. raulo

    mmm, not sure about a plugin to generate objective-j from groovy code… but what I really found much more interesting is: using Groovy controllers/services at the backend and communicating a Cappuccino app to that back end. It’s really easy to create modern controllers/services with Groovy (REST services and so), and having Cappuccino on front end I think there is no need to mess with Groovy on view layer (cappuccino if fun!, and with Atlas there are high promises, will see).


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