Monthly Archives: January 2009

Would the Canadian Grails developers please stand up?

Are you a Grails developer in Canada? I would like to hear from you.

Is there enough interest in Groovy and Grails development in Canada? It seems that meetup groups are all across the pond or down in the US? In fact, we had to import our own developer from Germany to get some work done…

Are you in Canada? Toronto? Montreal? Vancouver? Let’s meet up, organize something, get the word out…


An Ajax and Flex Architecture on Grails

When working with Grails and Adobe Flex, there are three possible alternatives:

a) Pure Flex – write the application like an AIR application. Your entire site is a big Flex file ( see the ufc 93 site )

b) Pure HTML + AJAX – do not engage Flex at all. Use AJAX to power all the dynamic elements on the page ( like Google Maps)

c) HTML + AJAX + Flex – Write certain components in Flex, leave other components in either static HTML or Ajax.

In this post, I will try to show why option 3 is always the best and overcomes the shortcomings of both Flex and Ajax.

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