Would the Canadian Grails developers please stand up?

Are you a Grails developer in Canada? I would like to hear from you.

Is there enough interest in Groovy and Grails development in Canada? It seems that meetup groups are all across the pond or down in the US? In fact, we had to import our own developer from Germany to get some work done…

Are you in Canada? Toronto? Montreal? Vancouver? Let’s meet up, organize something, get the word out…


12 thoughts on “Would the Canadian Grails developers please stand up?

  1. JS

    I’m a freelancer in Montreal. Used to work for a company where I introduced the team to Groovy and Grails. They’ve been using it since then. I also did a talk on Groovy at the Montreal JUG. I participated in the early development of grailscrowd.com with Dimitry Kopylenko and Michael Kimsal. Maybe we’ve met at 2GX last year?

  2. J Waldron

    I’m moving from New York City to Vancouver in March. I’ve just started using Grails on a project and I’ve been playing with Groovy/Grails when I can over the past year. I look forward to joining the Vancouver group – but it doesn’t look too active. I would love to hear from anyone in BC/Alberta/Seattle working on Grails projects.

  3. Stephen Smith

    I’m a freelancer in Toronto where I’ve done grails a few grails projects. The Toronto JUG meetings would be a great place to do an intro to Grails presentation.

  4. con19m31

    I’m working on a Flex/Grails project in Ottawa. I don’t know anyone else in my circle that is also working on Grails.

  5. Scott

    I am a Groovy/Grails developer in Montreal. Currently looking for Grails projects. I would love to get a group going in Montreal, but have not had luck finding many other developers 😦

  6. Matt

    I have been working on a Grails application since October, in fact, 3 Grails applications for the same client. I’m living in Pittsburgh at the moment, but I am moving to Red Deer AB in May. My client will be continuing to work with me (Ekiga VoIP is great).

    I’m not sure what the Red Deer market is like for JEE and Grails, but I hope to either join or start a Central Alberta user group.

  7. Jean

    I am currently demonstrating the use a Grails/Groovy in a new system that we are building. I am confident this will be one of many to come as it gives us great productivity.

    I am interested in meeting other grails developper in Montreal.

  8. Sudhir

    I am an experienced grails developer, and author of quite few plugin, (nimble, elfinder etc)
    Looking for canada temporary work permit, if any one is interested in hiring 😉


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