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How Much Hue is There? Flex, HSB and BitmapData.

Here is a simple tool in Flex that calculates what percentage of top level hues are in an image.

A simple hue visualizer

A simple hue visualizer

Play with the tool by clicking here: Hue Analysis

Download the source file here: ColourAnalysis.mxml

( depending on your SDK, you might need to also download the file: here )

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Grails for Web Developers: Building a simple CMS Engine for static web pages. ( Part 1 – building a model )

Rapid Application Development Frameworks like Rails, Django and Python provide a flexible alternative to commercial content management systems. Instead of trying to shoehorn a website into a rigid format of pages and blog posts, RAD frameworks allow you to build custom Content Management solutions using your own language.

In this post, I will show how the Grails Application Framework, which is built on top of java technologies like Spring, Hibernate, Jetty and the Groovy dynamic language, can be used to quickly convert an existing static site into one that can be managed by someone who is non-technical. Continue reading