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Flex on Grails Book Update: Making it Free!

I’ve decided to share what I’ve written about Flex on Grails as a book online under the Creative Commons License.

Right now, only the preface and the hello world chapters are online. In the coming weeks, I’ll update the content on my hard drive, write new content and post them online. Feedback is highly appreciated.

This book will target Flex 4 and either Grails 1.2. or Grails 2.0, depending on it’s release schedule. Continue reading

A Cooliris CMS for the Google App Engine: Manage and Host XML-based Flash and Flex Components with Grails

There is an incredible wealth of amazing looking Flash components in the market today. Tools like Cooliris and the 3D Wall provide visually stunning components that can quickly make any website come alive. With Grails and the Google App Engine, we can build simple, secure and powerful content management engines for these components with very little effort.

In this post, I walk you through all the steps you need in hosting, deploying and securing a Cooliris CMS for the Google App Engine using Grails.

Tip: Flex is also XML friendly, so you can use this technique to add CMS-ed apps on Flex.

Things you can't really do well with javascript
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Pixel Bender and Alchemy Links from London Platform Flash User Group

Just came back from the LPFUG talk on Pixel Bender by Michael Chase and the Alchemy talk by Thomas Vian. Lots of good links shared – thought I would compile them so I don’t forget:

Pixel Bender

Pixel Bender lets you build Photoshop-like filters and apply them to Flex/Flash movies on runtime without affecting the image.

[Adobe Labs sayz] The Adobe® Pixel Bender™ technology delivers a common image and video processing infrastructure which provides automatic runtime optimization on heterogeneous hardware. You can use the Pixel Bender kernel language to implement image processing algorithms (filters or effects) in a hardware-independent manner. The Pixel Bender graph language is an XML-based language for combining individual pixel-processing operations (kernels) into more complex Pixel Bender filters.

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Grails on The Google App Engine: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

I’ve been playing with Grails and the Google App Engine for about a month. Overall, I’ve been very happy about the experience. There seem to be a few questions and misconceptions about the app engine and Grails, both on forums, blogs and the Grails mailing list. I thought I would put together a quick summary for those looking for more information about deploying on this platform. Continue reading