Grails Hosting Solutions? Here’s a list…

Inspired by a recent post in the mailing list, I’ve decided to gather a list of web hosts that are Grails friendly or recommended by Developers…

Know any more? What do you use for your Grails hosting? ( List from )

Discussions about this on the Grails Mailing List:

4 thoughts on “Grails Hosting Solutions? Here’s a list…

  1. CMH

    Rackspace has two cloud offerings: their original mosso service, now “cloud sites” and their “cloud server” product which was once Slicehost.

  2. Andrew Schoewe

    – eApps
    $20-$30 depending on 288MB or 432MB of RAM
    Full root access
    Comes bundled with Java 6, Tomcat 6, and MySql 5
    60GB-90GB depending on plan
    – SliceHost
    $20-$38 depending on 256MB or 512MB of RAM
    Full root access
    Doesn’t seem to include any pre-installed software except for maybe MySql
    100GB-200GB depending on plan
    Owned by Rackspace (of Ruby on Rails fame)
    – Contegix
    Mostly deals with large sites using dedicated servers
    Cheapest package started at $349/month

    I’m not sure I would list Google Apps as a Grails host. It currently cannot support the full GORM interface.


  3. Ron Tow
    WebAppCabaret App in-the-Cloud Hosting is a hosting solution that enables drag-and-drop deployment of applications onto scalable Load Balanced clouds. The service utilizes hardware Load Balancers that supports dynamic scaling of nodes. Pricing for GRAILS hosting starts at $10/month.


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