Monthly Archives: November 2009

A semi-static content CMS for Grails with Adobe AIR / Flex

In this post, I want to share my experience building a content management solution for a Grails application using Adobe AIR and XML bundles. This solution allows semi-static content to be kept externally. Main benefits are ease of deployment and desktop integration. Continue reading

Automatic Background Removal With Pixel Bender

How do you get rid of the product backgrounds?

This was a problem that has plagued me and the other user interface developers at Pixsta ever since I started working here. Our efforts to build nice homepages and cool Facebook / Twitter apps seems almost hampered every try by the limitation that our product images always had a white background.

I decided to spend a little time investigating how we could remove backgrounds on the client-side, and immediately thought of Pixel Bender. In this post, I share the results of my experimentation and show that Pixel Bender is a viable alternative to server-side image manipulation and calculation. It really highlights the power of Flash and Flex over other client technologies like JavaScript. Continue reading