Working with Groovy vs. working with Java

This is how I feel sometimes. ( Same applies to Flex vs HTML/CSS )


13 thoughts on “Working with Groovy vs. working with Java

  1. Richard Marr

    So working with Java means you get a shotgun and a monster to shoot?

    I have to say; if I had to be wearing a dress at a bus-stop, I’d like to do it shooting zombie monsters with a shotgun.

  2. Incelia

    I think when you take 50 guys, write a complex IT application in Groovy, keeping it in production for 5 years, maintaining and extend it with other 50 guys, then your app will look like the right thing…

    Groovy is fun and powerful, but untyped and ultra-dynamic and by this unmaintable.

    1. Björn Wilmsmann

      Being untyped and dynamic doesn’t make a language or a software unmaintainable, crappy developers and improper development processes do.

      You can even write complex yet maintainable software in Perl or PHP (see WordPress or Facebook for instance), the most notorious languages in terms of maintainability. You can, however also write utterly unmaintainable software with Java. Just take many of the so-called ‘enterprise’ libraries and applications for Java, which more often than not seem to favour complexity for complexity’s sake and hence are nightmare to extend or even just work with.

      I keep hearing this “Anything but Java is unmaintainable / doesn’t scale / isn’t enterprise-ready (whatever that’s supposed to mean …)” nonsense from Java or rather enterprise Java proponents.

      The dreary fact is: Most applications don’t arrive at that point where developers have to worry about maintainability (Well, if they adhered to at least some standards and processes that is) and scalability.

      So, worrying about these issues before starting development on an application is the classic ‘Optimize early’ anti-pattern. If you have to seriously address scalability and maintainability that’s great because it means someone’s actually using your software. Chances are that this someone is also willing to pay for that issues being taken care of.


  3. RS

    Poor totoro.

    Having worked with both, i personally feel that they are just two tools with their own idiosyncracies, their own special syntax and their own places in the programming world.

  4. Vinothbabu

    Then what would you call perl or PHP. I think JAVA is the most powerful language after PHP, blame the programmers who are not coding as per the standards instead of blaming the language the whole.

    I still don’t construe how you said Flex = Groovy.

  5. Joe Gries

    The thing is, the vast majority of Java code is also Groovy code. Most .java files can be copy and pasted into a .groovy file and it will compile. Groovy offers things that Java doesn’t such as operator overloading and inheritance null checks. The more you use Groovy the more you think “this is what Java should have been”. I’ve never seen problems maintaining Groovy code either. Like I said, it’s compact Java code with more features.

    1. Joe Gries

      Sorry I meant to say “inherent” null checks via the ? also known as the safe navigation operator.

  6. rajmahendra

    I worked on both and admire them. Both runs on JVM so i dont like to leave both one is ahead to another. I like to use both. In place like XML processing and buils i ws

  7. rajmahendra

    In build i like to use gradle. Groovy is fun amd Java is noth. When you program in Java and encounter complex use Groovy to glue in. Life is very simple when you see java as JVM ,-) Java, Groovy, Scala, Clojour etc are all same when you see them as byte code JVM.

  8. Rajmahendra

    Beauty of todays Java technology is flavors! what ever the Groovy, Scala, JRuby Jython, clojure …. everything runs on JVM!!!! so its easy to plug in into any of the flavors (including java!). Anything is easy to those who understand the concept of the technoloty. Groovy makes life simple because it aims on one particular area. Java makes life simple in another part of the area of development. There is no single language which does all in one. I see Java flavors as plug-ins. If I am working on a project and i see XML manipulation is hard for me, i write that part of code in Groovy and compile and make it a jar and add the jar with groovy. jar to my lib! If i need Actor type or support i write in Scala. I like everything (even anymore new things also) in my programming as supporters.

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