My Groovy / Grails / Flex / Testing Reading List for August

Here are a few books that I am currently reading / found interesting / want to read in my work with Groovy, Grails and learning more about test driven development. In no particular order,

Groovy in Action, 2nd Edition (MEAP)
Covers new interesting topics like GPars and updates the original version based on the new features in Groovy.

The Book of Geb
This is Luke Daley’s online manual for the newly developed Geb functional testing library. Geb contains a lot of really neat features such as jQuery-like selectors, web driver support and page object patterns. Definitively a must read for Grails / Groovy enthusiasts.

Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests
Saw this book on Rob Fletcher’s twitter stream and am really learning a lot from it. It is a bit of a dense read, but contains very interesting ideas about how to approach testing from the outside in.

Groovy for Domain-Specific Languages
this book is getting a lot of good reviews from Mr. Haki, Glenn Smith and other members of the Grails and Groovy community. I’m intrigued by the breakdown of some existing DSLs like the ones in Spock, but haven’t gotten into this book too much.

Griffon in Action (MEAP)
a lot of my desktop work has been with Flex and Air, but Griffon is pretty interesting as it provides a nice way to build Swing applications with a framework and structure similar to Grails. This book is almost complete and definitively worth checking out.

Flex 4 in Action (MEAP)
Manning puts out fairly solid books and this one covers the major rewrites to the Flex framework. It is pretty hefty and comprehensive and one of the more complete references out there. This one is almost done too, as it is geared to be released in Sept.

Spring BlazeDS Integration Reference Guide
Not technically a book, but a good comprehensive breakdown of the Spring / BlazeDS integration and the many options and messaging formats it supports. Definitively worth a read if you are interested in using BlazeDS with your Spring projects.

Taming Text ( MEAP )
Came across this book when we were doing some research on doing text-based comparisons and analysis. It is written by the one of the main brains behind Lucene and Mahout. The first few chapters I have read are very good, specially for someone without the text processing background as myself.

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship
first book we’re required to read as part of being a new member in DMC Digital. Very insightful book about software quality and reducing the number of the infamous wtf metric.

Also remember to keep up with:

What are your recommendations for good Groovy, DSL and test driven development books and websites?

2 thoughts on “My Groovy / Grails / Flex / Testing Reading List for August

  1. Juanjo

    Nice reviews, I’ll put in my wish list some of them. “The clean code” should be a must-read book for all software developers. It’s well written and it’s full of common sense.

    I’ve been interesting in TDD as well for a while, so here you are my recommendations:

    – Lasse Koskela – Test Driven (Manning)

    – Kent Beck – Test Driven Development by Example


  2. Gregory Fontnele

    Hi Tomás,

    Do you already used the gfs?
    I have a problem when to compile my project, appears this error:

    My FLEX_HOME is setted correctly.
    when I run the command:
    mxmlc -version
    I have this result:
    Version 3.5.0 build 12683

    Do you can help-me?



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