Monthly Archives: January 2012

Deploying Grails applications on AppFog. First impressions.

[Edit: Aug 1 – Appfog has now released their pricing. It is free for developers who want a 2gig ram 1gig db setup and $100/month to double that. It’s quite compelling and I highly recommend it. – ]

I had a chance to play a little bit with AppFog today. Appfog is a version of VMware’s Cloud Foundry hosted by the makers of PHPFog that aims to overcome some of the limitations of the VMware product. It’s very nice.

In their announcement blog post, AppFog stated: “Cloud Foundry alone has no web interface, no pricing, no plans, no IaaS integration (no AWS, no S3), no support. That is where AppFog shines.”

True to their word, AppFog provides deployment to 4 different providers and offers 64 gigs of memory for a monthly rate of $29.99 (Gringo Dollars).

In this post, I’ll walk briefly over my first impressions deploying a Grails application on AppFog. Overall, it is a much richer and pleasant experience than Cloud Foundry and looks like we finally have a competitor to Heroku or Cloudbees. Continue reading

Running Geb specs using a separate driver profile to test mobile views in Grails

We’re currently building mobile views for our grails application using jQuery mobile and the Spring mobile plugin. As such, we wanted to add a set of mobile tests in Geb to run in parallel with our application’s functional tests.

In this post, I show how you can set up a separate webdriver profile for a subset of your spock/geb functional tests.  Continue reading