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7 Cool Things Learned in the London Cloud Foundry Open Tour.

I was able to attend the Cloud Foundry Open Tour in London on May 1st. While there was a lot of marketing hype and excuses ( ‘Cloud Foundry is the Linux of the Cloud!’, ‘80% of our exciting new work is under the water line, we’re an iceberg of innovation!’ ), there were a few very interesting technical features that were shown during the presentations.

In this post, I will outline 7 interesting things about the Cloud Foundry platform that I learned during the Cloud Foundry Open Tour London.  Continue reading

Running Vert.x Applications on Heroku

tl;dr:  heroku create –stack cedar –buildpack

Vert.x is an event driven framework on the JVM combined with a distributed event bus. It’s basically positioning itself as a polyglot version of Node.js on steroids. It supports Groovy, Ruby, JavaScript and Java.

To learn more, visit the Vert.x website or watch this presentation during last year’s grails exchange by Peter Ledbrook.

Heroku is the best cloud platform for deploying developer projects.

In this post, I will show you how to use a custom buildpack to deploy and run Vert.x applications on Heroku.

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