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Getting grails wrapper to work with grails 2.1.2

There is currently a bug in Grails 2.1.2 that breaks the grails wrapper functionality. ( GRAILS-9646 )

To work around this bug in all computers, you can get the grails wrapper to download a patched version of the grails 2.1.2 zip file. There is a fixed version of this zip file here:

To use it, install the wrapper via the ‘grails wrapper’ command. Then, edit your wrapper/ file to:


To prepare your own patched file,

  • Download grails 2.1.2.
  • In the zip file, remove the source and docs jar files under grails-2.1.2\lib\org.codehaus.groovy\groovy-all\jars\
  • Save the zip file.
  • Upload the new zip file to a location accessible to the web.

This bug has already been fixed in grails core. But if you need to use the grails wrapper in the meantime, just use this mechanism.