Testing Grails – A Collection of Useful Resources

This post is a collection of interesting resources to learn to test things better in Grails. It contains a bunch of tools, videos and other resources I found useful in learning to test Grails applications properly.

If I’ve missed something cool, please let me know in the comments.


Grails Plugins

Must Read Guides


Useful Presentations/Resources

Books I’ve Found Useful

  • Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests Outlines a lot of good practices and principles around writing tests.
  • ATDD By Example pretty good end-to-end introduction to how to do BDD. It’s kinda like a ‘ok, so you have Spock, this is how you use it in business and development’ type book. Good fast read. ( Uses FitNess, however, not Spock ).
  • Continous Delivery more of a automated deployment book, but really sheds light on how tools like CloudFoundry Bosh could be used within a company.
  • How Google Tests Software – Good overview of how Google conducts testing both in software, support tools and within their company structure.
  • Rails Test Prescriptions – A good overview of TDD techniques and walkthrough of the testing tools and techniques available in Rails. It was a good exercise to read and then think, ‘how do I do this in Grails?’.
  • Always be Testing – Describes what and how to test in an A/B test. Focused on Google’s A/B testing tools but a lot of useful tips for Split Testing plugin or Optimizely.

Upcoming Books

  • Programming Grails – By Burt Beckwith – The Testing chapter is still in progress, but already a lot of good tips on testing plugins during development and across different versions.  http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920024750.do
  • Grails in Action, 2nd Edition – By Glen Smith and Peter Ledbrook – promises lots of examples testing Spock and Grails. http://www.manning.com/gsmith2/

19 thoughts on “Testing Grails – A Collection of Useful Resources

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  2. Ralf

    I love canoo webtest because of the great reports it generates. Does any other tool generate such reports out of the box?

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