First London Hackergarten Meetup Summary

We had the first London Hackergarten meeting on Thursday September 5th at the Skills Matter Exchange.

A Hackergarten is a space where we can get together and contribute a small change to an open source project. The intent of the Hackergarten is to end each meeting with a patch or similar contribution submitted to an open and public project.

The event was sponsored by Sky, who kindly provided the room, beers, pizza and more beer.

After a brief intro, we broke up into two groups and decided on ideas to work on.


Marcin and Andy worked on the ability to make Geb fail fast when an error page was encountered ( Their change allows you to specify a set of Failure pages in your Geb configuration. The ‘at’ checker in Geb will fail if it encounters one of these error pages after their changes.


Eduardo, Ian and me started looking at adding an easier to use File API to the Ratpack project ( We didn’t get really far with this as we had issues setting up the project and understanding how a DefaultRequest was built. But we were able to walk through how Ratpack wraps around the Netty request object and identified where we would add the code to implement this feature. We ended up with a better understanding of Ratpack overall.

It was a fun first event, and we would love to invite more members of the Open Source community in London to come out and hack some code with us. Beer.

The next event is on Thursday October 3rd, sign up on now. We also welcome any ideas and suggestions.

[SHAMELESS PLUG: Sky is also hiring talented developers for many projects, if you are interested in working with us, send me an email to tomaslin [at] and I’ll hook you up]

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