Dropwizard and Groovy talk from GGX


Talk & video available here



One thought on “Dropwizard and Groovy talk from GGX

  1. Scott Langeberg

    Hi Tomas. Have you tried deploying Dropwizard to Cloudfoundry / Pivotal.io lately? I have been a bit stumped.

    I got this line from pg. 96 of your preso. And i’m not sure how I should reference the ‘server prod.yml’ part. Do you push a directory with the jar and the external config which allows you to reference it, when running the app? Also not sure if I can submit your ‘java’ command as is when performing the ‘cf push’.

    > On Cloud Foundry, Anynines or Appfog, you just spin it off with this command

    > java $JAVA_OPTS -Ddw.http.port=$VCAP_APP_PORT -Ddw.http.adminPort=$VCAP_APP_PORT -jar myFatJarApp.jar server prod.yml

    Any help appreciated!
    – Scott


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