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Lessons Learned: Building a simple Ad Host with Grails on the Google App Engine

In this post, I share my experiences building a simple Content Host with Grails and the Google App Engine.


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Flex on Grails: Building an image transformation tool with the Google App Engine, Flex and Grails

In this screencast, I show how to use Flex, Grails and the Google App Engine’s image service to quickly build an online image resizing and rotation tool.

More Efficient Facebook / Flex API – using XML and e4x instead of ActionScript Objects

I’m a big fan of the e4x implementation in Flex. Elegant and powerful, it allows a versatile and dynamic way of passing data across components. In this post, I’ll describe how to access data in this raw XML format within the newly updated Facebook / Flex API.

If you’re a fan of the way Flex handles XML via e4x, you’re probably disappointed that all the new examples posted on the Adobe developer connection create new ActionScript objects to represent facebook instances. In this post, I’ll briefly describe how to work with XML instances directly and describe some of benefits of this approach. Continue reading

How Much Hue is There? Flex, HSB and BitmapData.

Here is a simple tool in Flex that calculates what percentage of top level hues are in an image.

A simple hue visualizer

A simple hue visualizer

Play with the tool by clicking here: Hue Analysis

Download the source file here: ColourAnalysis.mxml

( depending on your SDK, you might need to also download the HSBColor.as file: here )

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