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Grails on The Google App Engine: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

I’ve been playing with Grails and the Google App Engine for about a month. Overall, I’ve been very happy about the experience. There seem to be a few questions and misconceptions about the app engine and Grails, both on forums, blogs and the Grails mailing list. I thought I would put together a quick summary for those looking for more information about deploying on this platform. Continue reading


Flex on Grails: Building an image transformation tool with the Google App Engine, Flex and Grails

In this screencast, I show how to use Flex, Grails and the Google App Engine’s image service to quickly build an online image resizing and rotation tool.

Grails Scaffolding CRUD Templates for Google App Engine / Java

Update : This code has been merged into the Grails 1.1.1. release of the App Engine Plugin, please see the Spring Source Blog for a screencast and how to use this.

I spent a few hours trying to understand how JDO works on the app engine yesterday. I had some experience tinkering with the Grails templating system, and thought it would be a neat experiment to port the Templates into JDO / Persistence Manager. Here is a full working CRUD template for Grails based on JDO. The intent here is to rewrite the controllers to use JDO while retaining complete compatibility of the views. Continue reading