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Adding Mobile Views to your Grails Applications with JQuery Mobile: A Real Life Example

Last month, we launched mobile views for Secret Escapes, our little application written in Grails.

For this project, we chose to implement a set of mobile views on top of our existing Grails application using jQuery Mobile. In less than a month, we were able to implement and put live a set of views that simplified the user experience for our mobile users.

In this post, I will discuss some of the tools, challenges and design decisions that arose from making our existing Grails application more iPhone friendly. Continue reading

Running custom SQL in Grails database migration plugin changesets

Under the hood, the grails database migration plugin uses Liquibase. Liquibase offers the ability to insert arbitrary SQL in changesets.

This post highlights how to use the sql and sqlFile commands in liquibase to run arbitrary URLs in database migrations.

This feature is useful if you want to set default values for existing data in the database. It can also use to load data snapshots or ensure specific rows exist in your database.

This is also useful to pre-populate databases on certain beta cloud solutions that surprisingly won’t let you access their databases externally ( cough, CloudFoundry ).

Continue reading

Migrating a Spring Application to Grails: Where do I put all my stuff?

As some of you might now, I started a new job with DMC Digital / Dealchecker. One of my first tasks was to migrate a pretty large Spring application ( ~650 beans, 120 domain objects ) into Grails. In the next posts, I will outline some of the lessons learned and share tips and ideas about enabling the Grails stack within large Spring Applications.

One of the more daunting tasks is figuring out where to put all the Spring-related stuff into the Grails application structure. Here is a picture I made to help myself remember where all the bits and pieces fit. ( Think of it as chapter 1 of my upcoming and completely fictitious Head First Spring – Grails Migration book ).

BTW, DMC Digital is still looking for talented Grails developers

Grails on The Google App Engine: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

I’ve been playing with Grails and the Google App Engine for about a month. Overall, I’ve been very happy about the experience. There seem to be a few questions and misconceptions about the app engine and Grails, both on forums, blogs and the Grails mailing list. I thought I would put together a quick summary for those looking for more information about deploying on this platform. Continue reading

Flex on Grails: Building an image transformation tool with the Google App Engine, Flex and Grails

In this screencast, I show how to use Flex, Grails and the Google App Engine’s image service to quickly build an online image resizing and rotation tool.