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Adding JavaScript validation to formRemote / Ajax Forms in Grails

On a recent twitter conversation with @mikewillie, the issue of how to add extra JavaScript validation to the Grails formRemote tag came up.

In this post, I will outline the steps needed to validate your data in JavaScript before it gets submitted to the server via Ajax. It allows you conditionally execute your AJAX calls based on previous validation errors. Continue reading

Manipulating images on the Google App Engine with Gaelyk

If you are building a grails application, you can use either imageMagick or the imageTools plugin to resize and crop your images. This is not possible in the Google App Engine because it neither allows you install external packages nor whitelists JAI components.

Fortunately, we can use the Java-based image resizing API provided in the App Engine for simple manipulation.

I’ve written about how to write this in Grails, but since the latest update to the App Engine seems to break all my Grails applications ( which is pretty stupid ), I wanted to try to do this in Gaelyk – the lightweight groovy-based framework for the app engine.

You can play with the application here:

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